Crackberry Blackberry Video Featured on ABC’s Good Morning America

Today I called into my cell phone messages and it was full. Turns out I had a whole sleuth of calls about the fact that the YouTube version of my Crackberry Blackberry video got a cameo on this report about Blackberry addiction. Here’s the link to the ABC report.

  • I’m not just blogging about this for blatant self promotion, and so I remember where the URL is. Some interesting factoids:
  • No I can’t take credit for getting this on air. In fact my sister freelances for ABC and has done absolutely nothing to help get my videos spotlighted. She’s worthless.
  • No they don’t ask me if they can use it. If they did I’d send them a higher resolution copy since the YouTube images don’t look so hot when you air them.
  • People assume I see these things. I don’t unless a friend sees it and tells me. I can’t believe how many people I know that watch Good Morning America!
  • This video wasn’t so popular on YouTube. Only about 10K views, which is far less than the Google Video version got.
  • Now here’s the Revver version, which got 6K views (high for Revver). I’m not allowed to tell you to click the ad at the end. That would be “click solicitation,” and I just got spanked by Revver AND Google Adsense for it.
  • Special credits: Jim D. came up with the idea for the beer-drinking baby (and appears in the opening). He’s also the brainchild behind many other ideas I’ve run with. Anne Z (queen of all media) found the link to the GMA story. Thanks!

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  1. I did *not* click on the ad. OK, actually I did and then it wanted to download a zipfile of some sort. That’s a wanky ad i “didn’t” click on. Still, nice use of booze and small children.

  2. Membership comes with free movies you get to watch with movie stars sitting next to you in a secret SAG movie theater on Hollywood Blvd…movies that haven’t been released to the hoi polloi yet.

  3. Good Morning America reaches over 5 million viewers daily. About a million more than YouTube. You should be thankful that anyone is watching your videos….much less…mainstream America, dude…

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