Any Linguistic Experts Out There? Me No Comprende.

huh.jpgJust found an inbound link to this blog from Det Progressiva USA. Seems they’re featuring me. Of course I can’t make out a single word. Can’t even tell what language it is so I can use a translater site.

I’ll go ahead and guess:

Nalts’ videos are stupid. I want my 3 minutes back. That was the worst thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet.

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  1. Found the source!

    I have written a post about WillVideoForFood and the impact of viral videos and YouTube on my blogg at Since the post is in Swedish it may be somewhat difficult to read but the gist of it is that with YouTube we are entering a new era where videos distributed over the Web will play an increasingly crucial role on the Internet, not the least for blogs. Hardly an earthshaking discovery but not everyone in Sweden realizes that as yet.

    Enjoy your videos, they’re great!

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