Mentos Geyser Video Contest

mentos.jpgYou have until September 30, 2006 to enter the “Mentos Geyser Video Contest.” Prizes include enough Mentos to feed you for a year. Here’s the official website, and here’s the YouTube Mentos Geyser group that features the qualified entries to date.

Here are my two entries.

Mentos Jet Pack– kids had some fun strapping bottles to their back
SaveMentosNow PSA (in honor of the actual website)

Author: Nalts

Hi. I'm Nalts.

8 thoughts on “Mentos Geyser Video Contest”

  1. 1) Revver seems to be working at the moment
    2) I was kind of bummed to see the folks at Mentos embrace YouTube for the contest vs sticking with Revver. Both from a strategic perspective as well as a flexibility perspective I would have rather seen a contest website powered by Revver (and simply bought some banners at YouTube. Yahoo Video, and maybe some Google Paid Search) vs the retrofit of a YouTube group.
    3) Nalts, nice money shot on pouring the mentos in the kids mouth, if your video does not win you will at least be the favorite of the Mentos brand manager.

  2. I LOVE that (randomly) the thumbnail for the YouTube is my neighbor with the Mentos box. I think that helps. But I also know competition for this will be too strong for me to last. I just got a mighty blow on the contest. A skateboarder with a bee outfit and cool shots and music. There goes my HDTV. 🙁

    I agree a contest makes more sense on Revver. The premise is that the traffic on YouTube is higher, so they’ll get more views. I believe the opposite is true. I doubt they’re getting traffic from being on YouTube. There’s too much competition.

    Note that over time Revver will be the amateur’s preferred tool (since they profit) so it will be an essential vehicle for reaching contest submitters even if the traffic for their target audience might be higher on a YouTube or Google.

  3. Mark- Charlie totally loved having that pack on his back. He wasn’t even PHASED by the soda. If he had cried… yeah… I would have continued and edited that part out. But he didn’t care. He got free candy out of it.

    Is that still exploitation?

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