Yahoo Asks for Citizen Created Commercials

yahoo-ad.jpgCCC. That’s what I call ’em. Others say “consumer generated media,” but open-source ads are a subset of CGM.

So here’s Yahoo’s collection of volunteer ads.

The grand prize is… um… there’s isn’t a prize.

But you’ll win the hearts of Yahoo. So go for it. Best of all, you can send yourself a reminder so you don’t miss it. Like I did with “The Office” promotion.

4 Replies to “Yahoo Asks for Citizen Created Commercials”

  1. Who wants the hearts of Yahoo? What did Shakespeare say? “Yooks! This pile of reaking dung tendered for the soulswept sweat of my brow? Methinks ye sell me short.”

    Or something like that. For all the work involved in making a video, I’d want at least a reach-around.

  2. I’ve tried uploading videos to Yahoo video and can’t get over 4 views for my stuff. AOL video is much better. AOL video is the bomb. The worst of my crap easily gets 30 views right off the bat.

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