What REALLY Caused Ruling Against NSA Eavesdropping Program

Naturally the major networks (ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, PBS, Disney) monitor this blog daily for story ideas. On slow news days, they either make up stories or fish blogs for anything that can boost viewership- even if it’s a pancake video. 

Turns out all of the energy around the recent scandal on the NSA Eavesdropping Program started with my expose on the tactics the Bush administration has used to tap our calls.

This call features me and a buddy busting Michael Hayden tapping my phone call to BestBuy.

P.S. In the interest of full transparency, I’m deploying two tactics for self promotion on this post. Blogger rule 20450: Have big ego. Ego blogs are “in.” Online Video rule 2828A: Dig up old videos and latch them to current news to revive views.