Out of the Office Post

I was getting bummed about the landslide decline in WVFF readers. Then someone explained that it’s summer vacation. Yeah- that’s it. Summer vacation. Let me know when you’re back, eh?

Are you back yet?

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  1. Most your stuff is really good (you are top 15 on my feed list)

    Personally, Id like you to take a look at Second Life and similar games, there is a whole load of video stuff in there & massive potential
    Mobile video
    Monetization and promotion
    Using video for spamming/hoaxing and link baiting
    Quick tricks to make better video.
    Detailed case studies of virals (like the trojan games for example)

    My favourite stuff is the tips, how tos, monetization/ promotion stuff. The general news is already everywhere.

    Dont worry too much about the traffic (unless its paying your bills), the best sites are never the busiest, just keep a focus on the quality 🙂

    I can email you a few tips to get the traffic flowing again if you like.

  2. Hey Mike, do you ever read a magazine called ‘Limo Driver’ put out by Bobit Publishing in Torrance? I used to paginate that magazine. Bobit puts out ‘School Bus Driver’, too. Fascinating reads (sarcasm).

  3. No probs, but Nalts, could you remove the link & username (see post 4) thats not me! I was just logged in for a client at the time and didnt realise.

    No, never read it, but i will look at it. 🙂 thanks

    Link baiting = performancing.com/node/38

  4. Surf the weblogs, read one or two posts, comment something that looks halfway relevant (making sure your screenname is linked back to your own blog). Basically, blog spamming, but no direct plea to come and see whatever. If you make your comment curious enough, they’ll have to click on your screenname and get brought to your blog.

    I’ve seen your comments all over the internet, Kevin. You’re a linkbaiter.

  5. Yeah, Perfect Thanks. 🙂

    You really want to put this site on your own domain too if you can. Long term its well worth it.

  6. I’m here, and I want you to run some how-to stuff for me, so I don’t have to figure it all out myself. Get right there into the dirt of it. Show me something clever in editing, in video storytelling. Show me how you set up shots for best viewing on a small screen versus a monitor, versus both screens with the same piece of film.

    Your site is a must-read. I love everything I learn here.

  7. This is great stuff. I have all of these notes on a “sticky note” on my Google homepage. Appreciate the feedback.

    Anon- can you suggest an easy way to host this blog on my own server? I am dying to be able to manipulate the code and run Google analytics. But I’m kinda low tech so it’s got to be pretty easy.


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