Another Ranking of Top 10 Video Sites

Here’s another ranking of top video sites (by I’m reminded that it’s probably time for me to update my ranking of the top revenue-sharings sites.

I admire LightReading’s thorough review, but I’m surprised that it overlooked the fundamental differences in business models between these sites. I suppose LightReading is an infrastructure site that is looking at it from that angle, but it does get down to comparing user experience and functionality.

However how can you review online video sites and not talk about the advertising models and whether you can make money by submitting… or not?

  1. Here’s the “cheat sheet.”
  2. Here’s a deeper dive on criteria for the cheat sheet.
  3. Here are the specific reviews for LightReading’s favorites.
    Google Video

2 Replies to “Another Ranking of Top 10 Video Sites”

  1. Re: revenue-sharing sites. Flixya, which you turned me on to, has made me more than twice the income as MotionTV with one tenth the videos in one sixth the time. Mind you, that’s only $6 which goes to my Google Adsense account, but it is helping me push up my Adsense income to a point where I might actually get an Adsense payout around Christmastime.

    eefoof has more uploading technical problems than even Revver and the viewership is so low I probably won’t spend any more time on them.

    Pangea can kiss my rosy red butt and I do not possess the egotistical hubris to believe I have any video worth the direct sales model in Google, so….

    Once again, Revver is king (by default). No one brings in the do re me like Revver, even if the technicians DO try to convince me I’m hallucinating every time they foul up.

  2. I’m confused by this list. It doesn’t reflect my needs, which are to maximize video views which have leads to my blog which has Revver-tagged videos (mine and others) to produce income. All that other “look at me! look at me!” stuff IS a fad.

    And YouTube, which has the largest viewership, is fourth on this list? Probably because they are becoming more and more a victim of their own success?

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