TV News Hits New Low With Coverage of Bruno Kirby Death

Reaction to Bruno Kirby deathCBS News has slipped to a new low. In this video clip, California affiliate KCAL’s Dave Clark went to a “Dirty Rotton Scoundrels” premier in Hollywood and told people Bruno Kirby had died, then aired their immediate reactions.

This is wrong for so many reasons. First of all, do these actors have to find out about their friend’s death from a jackass reporter? Second, if KCAL is desperate for the “scoop” on Hollywood reactions, how about telling them off camera… THEN ask them to comment on Kirby’s work? Did someone sleep through the journalistic ethics class

This piece comes off as a sappy and awkward retrospective for Kirby. I were Kirby’s family or one of these poor victims I’d take Dave Clark out back and give him a good hearty kick in the groin. Who’s the real Dirty┬áRotten Scoundrel here?

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  1. I’ll never forget my introduction to L.A. journalism in ’89. The L.A. Times had a front page story on a murder trial. The first three–count ’em, THREE–paragraphs were a description of what the defendant was wearing, as if sartorial splendor was more important than judicial substance. And in L.A., it is.

  2. What an idiot. I wonder if he breaks out the video camera to let his kids know when grandma dies. Someone shoot this man now.

  3. Dave Clark is a genius (AND an actor!). He has tapped the shallow whore mentality of L.A. and capitalized on it exceedingly well. He’s rich! He’s smart! And he dresses impeccably. He is the model of American success. He’ll write a book. It’ll push that stodgy old William Faulkner stuff off the shelves! Watch and see!

    We should show Dave some respect. He’s a licensed plumber who dreams of being a food critic some day (according to his KCAL bio :

    “Along with being a newsman, Mr. Clark is a highly sought after professional announcer. His voice on commercials has represented such products as Domino Sugar, TV Guide Magazine, Bell Telephone, and for Presidential election campaigns, notably the successful campaign of President Jimmy Carter.

    Include among his many skills, Dave’s talents have been utilized as a Talk Show Host, Master of Ceremonies, Narrator, as well as Actor in Major Motion Pictures including X-Men, Bulworth and Scream 2, and several Television series including Just Shoot Me, Home Improvement, and Any Day Now.”

    He’s better than you!

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