A Vote for Micki is a Vote for Online Video

micki-krimmel.jpgMicki Krimmel, Director of Community for Revver, is called by Vallywag “LA Hot.” But she’s up against Julia French (aka Julia Child), who works for some enterprise wiki kinda thing. Valleywag is asking readers to select who’s the hottest woman of Web 2.0.
Folks, if you care about online video then put in your vote for Micki. Click the link, scroll to the bottom and select her name. It’s just that easy! No registration, no hesitation.

Women can vote too. Remember how much your gender fought for the right to vote? Well get on with it then.

Disclaimer: As a happily married man, I can neither confirm nor deny that Micki is LA Hot.

7 Replies to “A Vote for Micki is a Vote for Online Video”

  1. Well seeing as how in the actual poll she’s up against a 92 year-old corpse who use to make a mean souflee, it shouldn’t be a tough call.

    But seeing as how the fine people of the web have a sketchy voting history (voting Lord of the Rings a better flick than Cassablanca springs to mind : http://www.imdb.com/chart/top ), I’ll put my vote behind Micki.

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