A More Efficient Way to Waste Time?

skeleton02.jpgI constantly hear about the hours people spend on YouTube. I have a more efficient way of wasting time.

I’ve been able to waste an hour each morning in less than 20 minutes by browsing Metacafe!

The user interface is set up well so you can dive right to the most popular or most recent videos. The content is much better overall because they screen videos for quality (like Break.com) instead of taking just anything.

YouTube’s flaw is that it accepts anything anyone submits so it’s a big ol’ bloated longtail video soup with meaty chunks of copyright infringement.

This is mitigated by the fact that the popular content gets the best ratings and most viewed. But it’s still a needle in a haystack. I have to find something nice to say about YouTube. I’m coming across as bitter. I really like their director logo and user homepage structure and style. Here’s mine. Isn’t it pretty? Thanks for not kicking me off, YouTube, like you did to the crazy cat lady from Philly.

Author: Nalts

Hi. I'm Nalts.