Want the REAL Reason YouTube Went Down Today?

Techcrunch and other sites have reported YouTube’s unplanned outage today. The REAL reason it happened? The team was enjoying the anchovy pizza I sent over (click image for video).

Oh- you’ve seen this already? Yeah- it’s a rerun. Reruns are quite popular on those big monitors that don’t have keyboards. I’m bringing reruns back in style like I brought White Bucks back in style.

3 Replies to “Want the REAL Reason YouTube Went Down Today?”

  1. LOL!

    omg *dies*

    that was so darn funny!

    Anchovies and cheese?? and nothing else *gulps* Who would eat that?

    Anyway, nice vid, did they really do it or did you stage this?

  2. oh, incase viewers are wondering why in the world I’m posting on an old thread, YOU TUBE IS DOWN!!! I was trying to find a reason. =-( How am I supposed to kill time at work (between doing my acctual tasks of course) without youtube?

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