Revver To Open API

According to ZDNet, Revver Co-Founder Oliver Luckett said the company has been secretly working for the last 9 months on opening the API to the world. Unlike most video sites, Revver is positioning itself as the eHarmony for for video content creators and advertisers. The company will begin offering syndication networks, hosting, tracking and ad serving to sites that will adopt Revver’s platform.

oliver.jpgDan Farber of ZDNet’s “Between the Lines” reported on comments Lucket made at a Building Blocks conference:

  • Luckett cited the market as 180 video sharing sites and millions of blogs, who could take advantage of using Revver’s platform.
  • He also said that Revver currently monetizes videos at 75 cents to $1 per view (ads are at the end of the video, so the entire video has to be watched), delivering an effective CPM of $22.50 to $40, with a click through of between 3 and 4 percent.
  • Revver also plans to make some deals with studios and burgeoning video stars with a new ad product that could provide pre-roll brand advertising. Comcast Interactive Capital and Turner Broadcasting recently invested in Revver.

I have no Earthly ide a on what it means to monetize videos at 75 cents to $1 per view unless that’s a typo. But it’s nice to see Revver exploring CPM pricing and confirm the 3-4% click thru.
Note: An API is an application programming interface, and it’s the interface a computer system, library or application provides in order to allow requests for services to be made of it by other computer programs, and/or to allow data to be exchanged between them (Wikipedia).

6 Replies to “Revver To Open API”

  1. I have no earthly idea what that means either. Guess you can’t cut and paste from ZDNet. It should probably say something like 75 cents per click. I’ll fix on our blog too.

  2. Thanks, Micki. That still sounds high unless your rates have gone up. I’ve projected more like 40-80 cents, with .20-.40 per click for creator (but we don’t see that level of detail anymore).

  3. Unless you are running AdSence on a website for home loans or online dating that’s a pretty sweet spread (~$.30) for the creator; especially if that’s tied with a 3-4% CPC. I will say from the advertiser side of the fence a $.60 CPC is pretty high.

  4. Revver was co-founded by a hacker(cyber-thief),and they pay nothing for views or clicks.OUCH! the truth hurts huh?

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