Popular YouTube Poster Gets “Account Disabled” and Fights Back

MissJackie (see her MySpace) was “permanently disabled” from YouTube. Now she’s fighting back. Here’s her “YouTube Sucks” video. Miss Jackie, 26, lives in Philadelphia and hosts LickMyAnus.net.

Dinner Time for Kitty happens to be my favorite of her work. How do you interview for a job and not worried that someone will find this and rethink your candidacy?

8 Replies to “Popular YouTube Poster Gets “Account Disabled” and Fights Back”

  1. You mean that the video of my sister, looking like the AFTER picture of Ellen Burstin in “Requiem For A Dream”, claiming Xanax controlled her mind and made her take more while my elderly mother said the drug made her ‘mean as hell’ didn’t disturb you?

    Well, shoot, maybe I can find a cat beheading video somewhere.

  2. Must have missed that one Marquis. Link???

    As for beheading cat’s, why don’t you just dress one up as a journalist and send it to the middle east. Oh wait, they already sent Geraldo. Nevermind.

  3. Someone in the information management department has keystroke software, and they busted you just for TYPING LickMyAnus at work… never mind visiting the site.

    I may be wrong but I think she’s actually rubbing cat meat on her face… not sure she taped the part where she ate its head.

  4. You have clearly never eaten cat meat. It does not even remotely have the consistency of the tuna-like sludge she wiped all over herself. It’s chewy and the guts… so tough you could make a tennis racket out of ’em.

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