Best Tiny Video Cameras for Sports and Action

Just yesterday we were looking for a good helmet cam. Today I picked up my copy of PCPhoto and discovered author Kim Castleberry has done the homework. These are my words below, but I’m sourcing Kim’s article.

1) The Samsung SC-X210L is the high-end camcorder that is really fun to hold (rubber exterior and very elegant). Every time I go to BestBuy I stare at it. It has image stabilizer and the ability to play MP3s and video with high-quality MPEG4. Price is $599. If the good folks at Samsung want to send me a “demo” for review, help yourself. You’ll never get it back.
2) Viosport Adventure Cam 3: This one needs to be plugged into a camcorder and will require a battery pack and wires. But it’s the kind of camera you’d get if you already had a great camcorder and wanted a nice lense to mount on your head when you sky dive. $329. Can’t really see a big market for these.
3) ATC-1000 Action Camera: My favorite because it’s cheap ($119) and integrated (no other pieces needed). It records lower resolution but here are some examples of it. You can buy it for as low as $80 at
4) Digital Blue Tony Hawk HelmetCam: It’s a wireless device with a 12-foot range, video editing software and 32MB that can record up to 40 minutes of low resolution video and sound. Seems more like a toy for kids than a camera. $99.

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