How to Make Money on Online Video

hotchicks.jpgI spoke yesterday with Joe Chapuis yeseterday who is a frequent commenter on He’s writing an article on how to make money on online video, so if you have thoughts reach out to him. I don’t want to post his e-mail here but maybe he will.
Joe runs a site called “WebVideoZone” that offers companies, marketers and producers a toolkit to earn money with online videos. While you’re there, check out Hot Chicks in a Tub. Apparently it gets more views on Google Video per month than most websites.

I’ve been thinking about amatuer income from advertising primarily. But he’s got a model where he can offer companies the strategies and platform to serve videos… this seems especially good for a small videographer trying to help get their clients online without the fixed costs associated with hosting and serving videos.

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  1. Hey Kevin —

    Thanks for the post.

    If anyone would like to contact me, please use the form found here:

    My article was originally entitled, “The Top Five Ways You Can Profit from the Web Video Explosion.”

    Then it was “Seven Ways…”
    Now “Ten…”
    (I’ve actually got eleven, but it just doesn’t sound right.)

    If you share something I can use, please include your name and web site so I can credit you for your contribution.

    joe chapuis

  2. How funny (the video, not the article). And I can attest to the oddities of online video. Most of mine are family oriented (ie home movies). Some have a story behind them but most are random. Some would even say random crap.

    But to get to my point, the video I have entitled “Snakes On A Plane Wins” gets a ton more views than my other videos. And the reason is obvious. But if I put that anomally aside, my METRA video (of a METRA train outside Chicago) and the video of me shooting at the gun range are the next highest. The shooting video I can see (explosions are always cool). But a METRA train? And to top it off, it has the highest download to viewing ratio (nearly 20% of viewers download it).

    Final analysis is WTF?!

  3. Joe,

    Well done. There are few things that are so well done that even when you know what joke is coming, it is still funny.

    Thanks for the couple minute diversion from my day.


  4. Hi Jim —

    Thanks for the comments.

    I agree – and that’s why it’s so funny – because it’s so freakin’ obvious and stupid.

    Nonetheless, I continue to get hatemail from people who are disappointed that it didn’t live up to their expectations.

    But when you rank in the top five on Google Video for popular terms like “naked” and “hot”, I suppose you’ve got to be prepared for the fallout. ; )


  5. Joe- we both studied psychology. What drives the negative commenters? It’s pervasive. For every hysterical video I see online, there are countless horrible messages. Usually those people don’t have any of their own videos. They just wander around and critique others.

  6. Nalts –

    > What drives the negative commenters?

    In this case, I don’t think it has much to do with jealousy about not being able to produce videos that people like to watch.

    My guess is that I’m luring angry, pubescent teenage boys (and frustrated middle aged men) who then must deal with the disappointment that the potential highlight of their day has turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of ducks in a tub.

    Enter: “Joe the Psychologist”

    Theory: Tension seeks resolution.

    Their tension is resolved by calling me a “no-good lying bastard” before moving on in their never-ending quest for free internet porn videos.

    (Should be interesting to see what kind of traffic you get as a result of that last line…)


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