One Reply to “Flying Naked”

  1. While I am very self-concious when naked, I think I’m willing to fly naked. I’m even willing to take the risk of catching a glimpse of that fat guy’s package. Why? Porn is porn. Live porn is better. Okay, I doubt anybody will be joining the mile-high club in this imaginary world, but I’m willing to make a few sacrifices to see some hot women naked.

    Of course I’d probably be one of thousands of men that would have the same idea and buy a ticket just to sit in the terminal to watch people walk by.

    Hmm, could this be the rebirth of the airline industry? Buy a $500 ticket to the next town over and see all the naked people you can imagine. And for an extra $500, you can fly on a “special” flight that requires you to wear a blindfold. You’ll need to find your seat using your sense of touch.

    Just watch out for that naked fat man sitting next to you when you go to grab your seat belt.

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