YouTube’s Founder Chad Hurley Gets Free Anchovy Pizza

pizza1.jpgI was watching ABC’s Good Morning America this morning. It seems every time the media does a story on YouTube (which is about every 4.5 minutes) the reporter feels obliged to mention that the company’s headquarter is in a loft above a pizza place. 

Why is this important? Why are we obsessed with the company’s that are founded in a garage or are based over a pizza place? What if it was founded in a living room and now moved over a shoe store?

Anyway… it got me thinking. I wonder if I can find the name of the pizza place. I found it. Amici’s in San Mateo, Caliornia. So I decided to call have a a pizza delivered to Chad Hurley, YouTube’s cofounder. On the house account. Trouble is… they wanted YouTube’s phone number, which is a well guarded secret. Nonetheless, the pizza is probably arriving as I type this.

And here’s the video of the call. Again- don’t ask why I did this because I really have no answer.

3 Replies to “YouTube’s Founder Chad Hurley Gets Free Anchovy Pizza”

  1. So I guess I shouldn’t expect a hand written thank you note. They’ll never know who sent it and why. i’m guessing the cooks spit on it if the lady on the phone passed any of the details of this call on.

  2. Hey Nalts –

    Good one. Good to see the mood was right for making a prank phone call. ; )

    Hope you do a follow up of you receiving cease-n-desist letters, restraining orders, etc., as they appear to be losing their sense of humor in addition to their funding.

    >> i’m guessing the cooks spit on it if the lady on the phone passed any of the details of this call on

    In the restaurant biz, they call that the chef’s “special sauce.”

    I knew a guy who used to hide giant boogers under the pepperoni before he delivered to known cheapskate tippers when working for Domino’s. (Yes, I worked for Domino’s eons ago, but I would never have done such a thing. No matter how damn cheap those tightwad bastards were. Really, never. No, I’m not defensive, you’re defensive.)


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