YouTube Founders Ban Employees from Watching YouTube

pizza.jpgIn an unprecedented moment corporate irony, YouTube Founders Chad Hurley and the other guy appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America today. They told Diane Sawyer that they sometimes lock employees from surfing YouTube since it’s hard to get work done while watching the viral videos. The interview was to kickoff a new segment on GMA that features 3 videos from YouTube each Wednesday.

In related news, insiders at YouTube says Hurley sometimes forbids employees from eating at the pizza place below YouTube’s California office. “He was fine with it when I was ordering cheese slices,” said an employee who asked to remain anonymous. “But when I stepped up to the sausage slices he told me I wasn’t allowed to go anymore. I think he’s doing it for good reasons because I have gained about 30 pounds since I started working for YouTube.” 

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  1. Good Morning America, being the best morning show on television, is of course, the first show to showcase viral videos. Bravo! I think you, Nalts, should do something quirky and submit one to them to air in the series. I’m thinking maybe something like “White Bucks” could resonate to a broad audience. It’s worth a shot.

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