Viacom: For Sale

Okay… if Viacom is buying Atom Films/Addicting Clips for $200 million (Loaded Pun) I want to sell them CubeBreak traffic has beat Atom in certain periods- with as many as 10K visitors in one day. Okay that happened just once. But it generally averages about 60K visitors a month. So what’s that worth? I’ll settle for a million… $500K in cash and $500K in stock.

Act now. If this space gets any hotter I’m doubling the price. Act by Friday and we’ll knock 5% off. And we’ll throw in this valuable offer: Every future post on Will Video For Food will be positive news about Viacom and there will be no mention of any other websites.

Bloggers can be bought. Oh yes they can be bought. Moooo haaaa haaaaa.

Author: Nalts

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