Tonight’s Closing Thought on Blogs

Blogs are like talking to yourself in the shower with a few thousand people watching. This thought, I realize, has nothing to do with online videos. Unless I was to video myself taking a shower but that’s just a bad idea on so many levels.

Author: Nalts

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5 thoughts on “Tonight’s Closing Thought on Blogs”

  1. Ewww. Now I have to look at it.

    Do you suppose anybody’s attending the “Old Media School”? They teach courses like mass marketing, press releases and great 60-second Superbowl ads?

  2. Heh, I bet Reuters now wishes you were right…

    Blogs are more like “tools that let us create media” and blogging is merely history’s cheapest easiest publishing tool connected to history’s best distribution network.

    I bet you wouldn’t want that in the shower or in your sleep…

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