Google, Ads and Distribution! “No One’s Ever Done This Before.”

lightbulb.jpgAnother online video article by WSJ: “Google to Distribute MTV Clips: Deal for Ad-Backed Videos Could Bolster Revenue, Broaden Viacom’s Reach” by Matthew Karnitschnig. How’d you like to have that last name and have to spell it to people 4 times in a row every single day?

The Highlights

  • Google will distribute video programming from Viacom’s MTV Networks. It starts this month with such programs as “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Laguna Beach.”
  • Google will distribute these to a subset of its network — made up of thousands of Web sites — to place paid-search ads on behalf of a vast array of advertisers. “Our technology takes MTV’s video, marries it to an ad and shows it on a third site.
  • No one’s ever done this before,” Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said in an interview. “If this works, it would be a very large business for all players.”

Nobody has ever done that?! I love you Google, but that’s patently wrong. It’s called “Revvtagging” and Revver started in 2005. I can understand the Google CEO claiming it, but I’d have thought WSJ’s Karnetstchnigading would fact check that one.

Pictured above is a new invention Schmidt and a team created last weekend. It’s an electric current that passes through a thin filament, heating it and causing it to emit light. The enclosing glass “Goog-bulb” prevents the oxygen in air from reaching the hot filament, which would be otherwise rapidly destroyed by oxidation. Patent filed.