Wilhelm Scream’s “Best Of” Reel

wilhelm.jpgThe Wilhelm Scream is a stock sound effect first used in the 1951 “Distant Drums.” Wikipedia calls it the “most well known cinematic sound cliches.” It was revived for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series.

Here’s a video collage of some classic movies using the Whilhelm scream. To download the scream click here. Let me know if you use it in a short amateur video. Let’s bring it to viral videos, eh?

4 Replies to “Wilhelm Scream’s “Best Of” Reel”

  1. I tried to download the scream from Wilhelm entry on Wikipedia but it’s an OGG file… I wanted to see if I could sneak it into a video or two.

  2. Thanks for the link from your site and thanks for the Wikipedia source. I should have linked it. At any one point I have 19 browsers open and then I close one and lose a link forever.

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