Tasha’s “Hey Clip” and Other “YouTube Idols”

“Be a YouTube Idol: What Makes an Online Video Hit?” is the title of a recent piece by Boston Herald Feature Writer Sean L. McCarthy
The article raises the question as to why “Hey Clip” by Tasha has almost 8 million views. Its creator is 21-year-old “starting filmmaker” from Israel.” “I think it really comes down to the one snapshot of the girl in the chair,” says filmmaker Kevin Smith. Smith re-enacted the clip for his YouTube “Clerks II” promotional video in April.

“I think everybody who clicks on it is like, sooner or later, she is going to (expletive) take her clothes off. And she doesn’t. And it winds up being this charming, two girls, (expletive) goofing off and lip-synching.”

Here’s the “behind the scenes” of the Hey Clip.

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  1. I just got a YouTube post about “cancelling comcast” that called me smarmy and disgusting. I replied back “you should see me naked.”

    I like these posts. It’s basically me and Marqui e-mailing each other in front of a quiet audience.

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