CBS Covers “Viral Videos” and Online Advertising Implications

cbs.jpgHere’s an interesting CBS story on viral videos and how marketers are approaching them smartly… and not so smartly. Very well produced piece. Of course I’m biased. My “Annoying Bird” made a cameo (see top middle of the frame- in green).

Author: Nalts

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2 thoughts on “CBS Covers “Viral Videos” and Online Advertising Implications”

  1. I can’t remember. CBS above. “Cancelling Comcast” made ABC (Nightline) no thanks to my lame sister. CNN used my video version of the Cancelling AOL to close the story. And the local newspaper just ran a photo of the family winning the BarterBee contest. So that leaves NBC, but they’re probably mad at me for taking sides with YouTube on the “Narnia Cupcake” issue. What I really want is Comedy Central. That’s my target demo.

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