Fireball Over Texas “Caught on Tape”

fireball-over-texas.jpgA fireball seen streaking through the sky in Lakeway, Texas “turned night to day,” according to a police officer who witnessed the event.Hundreds of residents who witnessed the bright light in the sky called police and media, KNBC-TV reported.

“A police officer who captured the video said the light turned night into day,” Local 6’s Jacqueline London said. Astronomers said the light was either a meteor fireball or space junk entering the atmosphere, according to the report.(Via: TheDrudgeReport. Thanks, Parochus).

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  1. I experienced one of these in sixth grade in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. It made a huge jet engine roar and caused the Appalachian hillbillies who lived next door to arm themselves and stand guard in their doorway.

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