American Girl Dolls are Icons of Evil

americangirlstrike.jpgGawker’s August 4 quote about the American Girl Doll union protests provides this post titled: “Every time you cross our picket line a kitten explode.” Funniest blog post title I’ve ever seen. You don’t even have to read the post to appreciate it, although the photo does capture the absurdity of the event.

Here’s some video on the event courtesy of Gawker. I don’t mind “playing this PR nightmare forward” since the folks at American Girl Doll have sucked ridiculous amounts of money out of us for my daughter.

Two video-related thoughts:

  • Viral video is a way to get a tiny protest into a national scandal, isn’t it?
  • What happens if the news outlet ask YouTube to pull these? Do all of our links die? Guess so.

One Reply to “American Girl Dolls are Icons of Evil”

  1. There’s a security agency that hires guards who are on call to work nationally wherever union strikes flare up in this country. “Strikebusters” or something like that. I get a request to apply for employment with them through Careerfinders every once in a while. So far I’ve been able to resist the lure of being flown to Hackensack, put up in a cheap motel and used as a human shield against hairy-armed teamsters.

    I’m generally pro-union, but I’ve worked security on some picket lines in downtown L.A. and I’ve seen the “every time you cross our picket line, a kitten explodes” tactics of some labor zealots. In the old days they could get away with that, but pocketcams are changing everything, aren’t they.

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