Mel Gibson Arrest Video

Via Revver’s blog we found ZabberBox. Here’s a mock video of Mel Gibson getting arrested. PG-13 material here.

Here’s the backdrop. Gibson was arrested for DWI on July 28, and was quoted by Deputy James Mee as saying “F–ing Jews… The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Entertainment Weekly called it an “unprecedented Hollywood scandal,” and says the chances of an Oscar for Apolcalypto are “Tragically absurd.” Says author Daniel Fierman, “it’s impossible to imagine true forgiveness for a man whoahas done what Gibson has done.”

4 Replies to “Mel Gibson Arrest Video”

  1. You should at least check out every morning and evening so you have a clue about what’s going on outside of viral videoland. Poor starving children in Zimbabwe have read the text of what Mel ranted about when he was arrested.

  2. Thanks, Parochus. My visit to the DrudgReport gave me a good post on the alien light over Texas. Didn’t you have dinner with him once? Recall anything that might have led you to think he was antisemitic?)

  3. It’s that particular stretch of PCH. Does weird things to actors heads.

    Might be the Navy’s HAARP project at nearby Point Magoo . . . sending ultrasonic frequencies that interacts with actors’ particularly large heads (no, seriously, a study was done that showed that people with unusually large heads tended to gravitate towards and succeed better in the acting profession).

    HAARP: it’s causing whales to beach and actors to freak. Drudge, if you won’t back me up on this, George Noory will. Or Art Bell.

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