Elisabeth Hasselbeck on “The View” Discussing Morning After Pill

No comments about the pro-life/pro-choice debate please (there are many blogs for that). But what’s intriguing about this clip from “The View” is that it’s all the buzz in the media. And even in the TiVo world, few of us would have access to this clip but for YouTube. Even if ABC posted it, you’d never find it.
So I may not be a fan of copyrighted stuff being tossed on YouTube, but it certainly plays an important role in water-cooler conversations. Instead of hearing about Elizabeth Hasselback “losing her mind” (as this video is titled) you can actually watch the clip and come to your own conclusions.

This is a new way of consuming media, isn’t it? I hear about something, I search it on YouTube and I see it. That simply wasn’t possible for most of us 9 months ago.

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  1. Lets assume that this clip gets popular.

    What is the benefit to Lisa Loeb (sitting next to Barbara)? I am assuming she was stumping a new project; and now this clip will be for ever tagged with her name; how many new impressions/fans/project interest will she get should traffic to this clip skyrocket, is she happy with this type of exposure? Also is Ford Motor Company happy with their 6 sec ad at the back of this clip? How would you feel if we found out a Ford employee posted this and kept start of the Ford ad in on purpose? The ramifications for digital video are enormous; and they only get compounded when people are scrapping copy protected works from cable and posting it on YouTube.

    What if ABC decides to take down every clip about this, and tries to hide from the comments made by the ‘cast’ of the view, is this suppression? Now what if, in a brilliant move, ABC has YouTube take down every clip but a ABC produced version, and in the front of the clip ABC puts some original commentary setting it up, at the end they ask people to go to a website and vote with who they think has the best position on the issue, ohhh I forgot to mention that this clip and poll is brought to you by Planned Parenthood, is this exploitation?

    None of these questions (just like Nalts finding the clip) existed 9 months ago.

  2. Great questions- especially for someone who makes his living hawking pharmaceuticals on the web.

    For starters, if ABC did what you describe in paragraph 2, it would have to change its name to NBC by law. And then weeks later they’d start buying ads to make up.

    You just identified a brilliant ad trick. Get a low-paid intern to watch for popular clips. Have ’em upload ’em with preroll/postroll ads built into the actual clip. Wrong on so many levels but it would work.

  3. This comment is right on. I hope people won’t continue to be “lazy” and get their news from others, but actually go to these upcoming places, watch or read the clips for themselves and then make a determination. The problem is that we have been spoon fed the news for so long, it will take baby steps to get there—but it is a great beginning.

  4. I see a looming control shift, Vicki, from mass media to social networks. Oh. I hope Adriana is reading. She might think that was really smart.

  5. i’m glad someone had enough of rosie’s far left, dangerous and thoughtless opinions!

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhh I get it…..your one of those people…….hummm…….Ive heard about your kind……….you interpet things you hear subjectively. Darn all of those idiosyncracies of yours.

  7. lol oh by the way don jr, if you think rosie’s comments are “dangerous” lol then you might be putting waaaaaaaay more value on how much effect these shows have on people.
    >>>>>and for those who are swayed by comments from someone in “show business”>>>wake up and smell the reality sheesh

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