ZeFrank, The 80/20 Rule & Long Tails

zefrank-is-ugly.jpgBefore there was the “long tail” theory, there was the 80/20 rule. Before that there was Murphy’s Law. I haven’t quite understood any of them, but I think this blog entry supports them.

Why? Because 80% of you will not understand why this link is so funny. 20% of you will fall over and do the real LOL (not the kind you type in e-mail when you really barely cracked a smile). I’m going to suggest that the 80% of you are probably more balanced and normal, but let me try to explain… ZeFrank is a insanely popular vlogger that drops 2-minute comedy bits satiring news, the web, and whatever else strikes him as interesting. Sometimes he dresses as a woman and calls himself Amanda Congdon. People are so hooked on him they fight to be the first post when he uploads his daily video on The Show.

A few of us have been blogging about him giving him more publicity… but he never responds. So we’ve taken to provoking him instead. Here’s a blog post by MarquisdeJarvis, one of the most prolific video creators on the web. Hundreds and hundreds of short and insane clips. He’s a former homeless guy… part poet, part new media artist, and barely affording his bandwidth fees.

In this post, Marquis shows us himself… and warns that this is what ZeFrank will look like soon.

P.S. Marquis uses his proceeds for online video to pay for his mom’s washing machine and keep his mean, drunk sister fat (see the frightening www.jamesjarvis.net to make a donation.

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