YouTube Goes Bankrupt

bubble-burst-youtube.jpgNo- YouTube hasn’t gone bankrupt. I make up headlines to ensure RSS readers pop in for a visit. I’m allowed to do that because I’m not a journalist I’m a blogger. I can even do this in the middle of a post… 😉  Furthermore I could make up data and not attribute quotes, but I’ve got some of my journalistic integrity in me despite my move into marketing.

YouTube probably won’t ever go bankrupt. But we at WillVideoForFood think a bust is coming to YouTube (see video). Tick tock. Log your vote on the exact day in the comments section of the above tab… Read the definition carefully before you get all “idonothingallday” brave and say it’s going to be mid year 2007. And remember- It’s not just about the free t-shirt. It’s about the fame that comes with predicting a bubble burst.

Have you ever watched a bubble before it pops? It goes from being quite colorful to suddenly taking an ominous black lava-lamp look. At that point I pretend to shoot them with my finger and my kids think I have magic bubble-popping skills.

One Reply to “YouTube Goes Bankrupt”

  1. YouTube may not be bankrupt but they are developing a nasty bureaucracy just like a big company. Today I went on to YouTube and my list of favourites which took many hours to find is no longer there because I am not a member. No warning. No niceness. Just hours of work gone and a join-up page. And when I join, my favourites are still not there. Thanks YouTube bureaucrats. may you rot in Hell.


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