“Screw With ZeFrank” Contest


A few of us have decided to do a “Screw with ZeFrank” contest. ZeFrank, as readers perhaps have noticed, doesn’t react to much in the blogosphere. He scans comments on his blog, and reads news headlines. He reads academic books. But he’s kinda a web introvert. Like Johnny Carson- big “on stage” presence but kept to himself.

So here’s the challenge. Can you provoke the hermit crab out of his shell by producing a blog post or video? Can you create something so outrageous that he feels obliged to respond?

The winner gets a date with ZeFrank at the restaurant of their choosing in NYC (paid for by the ZeFrank Foundation). Deadline April 1, 1981.

Here are my first three attempts:

  1. ZeFrank was born a girl. I saw a photo on one of his recent segments that proves it.
  2. When he’s not working on ZeFrank Show, he manages CrazyMeds.org.
  3. I’m suing ZeFrank for taking my “facial furniture” video below and turning the idea into a funnier bit. Now I just need a copyright attorney who sells Amway on the side.
  • My “Facial Furniture” Video

  • ZeFrank’s Bit from Yesterday

3 Replies to ““Screw With ZeFrank” Contest”

  1. glad to see the new job hasn’t put a cramp in you posting

    doug a.

    i have succession planning today, i guess to see who will be succeeding me

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