“Bald Lady at the Bar” Video

bald-lady-at-bar.jpgIn the interest of search-engine optimizing this video, I had to give up the punchline in this post’s title. What happens when you meet a hot woman at a bar and she happens to be bald (or, uhm, suffering from “male pattern baldness”?

The video, titled “Awesome Bar Scene,” is hysterical, and worth watching twice. The first to see the gag. The second to watch the guy in the background as he takes great pleasure in screwing his friend.

The Revver version (quicktime)
The YouTube version (flash)

Source: Post 94 at TheStunners.com (this is one of a series of four that roll out in August).

P.S. Despite rumors this is not Jodi Applegate at the bar (after her hair fell out due to stress).