Who Wants to Be a SuperHero? Who Wants to Make an Online Video Mocking ‘em?

whowantstobeasuperhero.jpgThe Yahoo Buzz index (what people are searching on Yahoo) features a very high rating for “Who Wants to Be a SuperHero?” This new show debuted last week and episode 2 appears on August 4 on SciFi. The winner of this six-week competition will walk away with their character immortalized in a new comic book developed with Stan Lee. And the winning character will also appear in an original SCIĀ FI Channel movie!

Episode 1 featured a fake superhero trying to get the contestents to break character. Then they had a race in which a crying child was strategically placed near the finish line. Would the contestentds ditch her to finish first? One of the heros who ignored the kid was sent home.

This show has great satire potential. Amateur videographers… start your engines.

Author: Nalts

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3 thoughts on “Who Wants to Be a SuperHero? Who Wants to Make an Online Video Mocking ‘em?”

  1. I actually auditioned for this show when it was originally supposed to air on MTV. Then the plans were cancelled and I never knew it was up to be on Sci-Fi.

  2. Its a fun and campy show. Its also the only show that punishes players for typical reality show behavior. Combine the three and you have a winner not a wiener.

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