The Audio in My Videos Stinks!

better-audio.jpgWhen I posted “Lay Me Off,” I got a lot of comments about the lousy audio. Part of my problem was the music was too loud (a mistake I make far too often). But I also use the camcorder’s built-in mike. So if I’m far from my subject then audio becomes a problem. I was reasearching alternatives and found a great site for tips.

Here’s CNET’s “Inside Secrets,” and quick tips for better home-video sound. Best of all, it’s explained in a short article and a brief instructional video. I also liked this story about how to capture flash video on your hard drive. 

4 Replies to “The Audio in My Videos Stinks!”

  1. i need to get speakers for my mac. the built in sound is horrible.
    i was actually just thinking about the sound on my clps so big thanks for the heads up… plus im filming someones wedding this weekend

  2. I recently bought some freaky alien looking speakers that look like little white ghosts. $100 bucks. They sound beautiful. The name on the front says JBL and I bought them in a Mac retailer store. The guy “closed” me by playing some trailers… World of a difference between the garbage speakers that were built internally.

  3. P.S. I just uploaded a clip to Revver spoofing zefrank a little bit…just a little bit. “Cadillac God Pimps”. Should be up soon. There are no acrostics in this one.

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