Perky Blonde Hosts YahooTV’s “The 9″

The 9, a daily show available on Yahoo TV, identifies interesting sites or videos. Worth a look. The videos are a bit closer to “Entertainment Tonight” humor than “Jon Stewart,” but it’s still worth a glance. Maria Sansone, the host, is eye candy… but the commentary isn’t as biting as WebJunk‘s host, Patrice O’Neal (he cracks me and himself up).


Author: Nalts

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2 thoughts on “Perky Blonde Hosts YahooTV’s “The 9″”

  1. Drama queen Maria Sansome made me barf after only # 3 of 9. She’s more powerful than ipecac. Where did she learn acting? The Beverly Hills High School cheerleading team? Frick, I’m going to have nightmares now.

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