4 Replies to “YouTube Rant”

  1. You are SO funny, Kevin! I don’t want my 2 minutes back. Look out zefrank, a new genre has emerged: Commute Video. I predict it will replace Commentary Video. It’s got wheels.

  2. On the YouTube post I’ve got some guy berating me about how irresponsible to video tape and drive. Um- I was destroying federal currency, lighting a fire in a moving auto, and berating the very channel that I was using to berate it. And DRIVING while videotaping was the irresponsible thing?

    I shouldn’t have named it YouTube Rant. There are about a million videos with that same name…

  3. Dude, you need some audio books to listen to. Even after a 45 minute commute to work (each way, each day), I STILL don’t get that loopy. Maybe your exhaust is leaking into the cabin?

    But the point is valid. Don’t they always say “buy low, sell high.” I think he’s high for not selling.

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