Creating The Frankenstein of Online Video Sites

frankenstein.jpgDid you ever play the game in college where you tried to imagine the perfect woman, and you’d combine parts from various people you knew? Kinda like building the Frankenstein of women? Jennifer’s nose, Cathy’s eyes, Christy’s… um… personality, etc.?

That’s what we’re going to play now. I’ll start. I’m going to create the perfect online video site, and you tell me what I’ve missed or called wrong.

  1. The popularity, speed and community of YouTube
  2. The commerce functionality of Google Video
  3. The ability to search multiple sites of Yahoo Video
  4. The ad-sharing model of Revver
  5. The simplicity of Metacafe
  6. The advanced sharing functionality of
  7. The search power of Blinkx
  8. The hysterical content from eBaums and Break

What am I missing?

7 Replies to “Creating The Frankenstein of Online Video Sites”

  1. Wouldn’t you be missing a possible way for someone to sell their personal videos and independent movies?

  2. Fair point. Google allows this, but there’s got to be a way to promote and sell independent shorts of feature length movies. Anyone?

  3. The guys at are trying something. Kinda Ebay meets you Tube, meets itunes (their DRM is Windows Media Player compatible, so at least it works on PC’s).

  4. I checked out the 9thx site. They may be on to something. Looks like it goes beyond the eBay model (or, any other), because it allows for resale (or, rental) of content you purchase. And the content owner (the one who first uploaded the content) gets a royalty back on every resale/rental! Of course, I assume 9thx also gets a piece of every transaction, so this looks like a pretty cool business model.

  5. I checked out the site and while a little less than awe inspiriing, I think they have something that could be the next youtube or even myspace, if I can truly buy and resell digital content legally. Time will tell.


  6. Note to self… Should review and blog about Either they’ve got a loyal fan base or a creative strategy of activating their loyalists to post positively. Either way I’m impressed.

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