Blip Your Video to a Blog

Blip.TV has automated the process of uploading videos to its site and then blogging about ’em. That last post was an example. I didn’t log on WordPress to post it. I just selected “blog it” once I had uploaded my video to Blip.

Quite cool. I initially had problems with it, and received quick feedback from one of the Blip founders even though he didn’t know I had a blog about online videos. Turns out the problem was that I gave them my username without the capital N.

I probably won’t use this feature very often, though, because ideally I want my videos streamed on Revver so I can make ad money if people click the ad.

4 Replies to “Blip Your Video to a Blog”

  1. Livedigital and a couple of others I’ve run across in my ‘fishing’ expeditions offer similar features. I think ‘blog it’ will become a standard feature of whatever aggregators survive the coming apocolypse.

  2. I calculated that if I did nothing all day (every day 16 hours a day–having my meals brought in to me and sitting on a portopodddy) but upload my videos to the 240 video uploading sites that I have heard about, it would take me 18.6667 solid months to upload all my videos to all the sites.

    I think I’ll just take a pass on hedging for the apocolypse and just embrace it now.

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