6 Replies to “Save Mentos from Diet Coke”

  1. Thanks for the support.
    We highly appreciate it.
    We have posted a public thank you on our website http://www.savementosnow.com
    We think you’re a cool guy. And learn a lot from your words on a daily basis.
    Mark, our Junior Marketing Analyst, would like to draw a big red heart for you but he finished the red pencil. We’re gonna get him one tomorrow and see if he’s in the mood.
    The SaveMentosNow collective

  2. Did your affiliate code number change? Didn’t it used to be something like 8907 or something and now it’s 3331? Is my mind playing tricks on me? And hey, isn’t the 15-second Hit-and-Run niche mine?

  3. I’ve got two. One’s for Nalts and the other is CubeBreak. That way I can track my affiliate fees separately. I’m earning 3x as much on my own stuff than the affiliate fees, but Cubebreak helps with my own stuff too.

    What’s the URL on the 15-seconds hit and run. I’ve been so crazy finishing my job and trying to do video stuff that I’m WAY backlogged on Marquis watching.

  4. Scads of my videos are 15 seconds in length (“hit and run” length), although lately I’ve been trying my hand at 2 minute clips (your territory).

    Don’t overwork yourself. We don’t want to see another Nalts hospital video.

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