Making Sure Your Video Gets Found on Google

Most online-video sites are doing a good job of search-engine optimizing videos for Google and other search engines. If you search videos by your title or username, the link to the site should be in the first page results. There are a few things you can do to help ensure this works for you:

  1. Select keywords that are highly searched words, and very specific about your content
  2. Don’t neglect the “description” field. Revver, for instance, doesn’t display the description. But the description is part of what the Google search-engine spiders crawl
  3. If you’re making a video about something that’s already being searched (mentos and coke) try mispellings. There’s less competition there.

3 Replies to “Making Sure Your Video Gets Found on Google”

  1. In most online video sites I can go back and change or add to the description, but I can’t figure out how to do it in Revver. This is a good idea to have detailed decriptions. Do you know of a way I can edit my Revver descriptions?

  2. Oh you’re right. You can ad tags but the description vanishes. I’m sure it’s part of the new site launching in a few dog years.

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