I Didn’t Even Know I Missed the HDTV. Until I Ego Surfed

I gotta stop “ego surfing” (the act of surfing your own name). I just found out that I was a first-week finalist to a Panasonic Video Contest. Grant- I lost to an EXCELLENT video that made me laugh outloud. It’s called Home Time, and it was a 2nd place winner (which scored ’em an HDTV).

But here’s the thing. I forgot I entered. And forgot to check who won. And I would have slept tonight a little better. But now I know I came close to winning and didn’t.

Folks, don’t ego surf.

7 Replies to “I Didn’t Even Know I Missed the HDTV. Until I Ego Surfed”

  1. Oh crap. I forgot I entered three or four of those things, too. But, uh, who was it I entered with? Now I have to dig way back in your blog and try to jolt my memory. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Nalts, one of these days, we will see the video of child services coming to your house. Instead of you getting your kids back, you are found uploading your videos to Revver.

  3. We’re sorry for your loss Nalts.
    Mark, our junior marketing analyst, would like to draw a TV set for you but he’s finished the grey pencil.
    He refuses to use black.
    He says it’s not “tangible”.
    We think he’s been reading the dictionary again.
    We gotta do something about that.
    It’s not good for him, you know.

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