Don’t DWV

I do a lot of my videotaping from the car. One-hour commute and a busy day-job plus kids. Gotta squeeze the stuff in.

I’ve had a lot of warnings about DWV (Driving while videotaping) but this e-mail from my brother is my favorite. First his warning, then he recounts the conversation we had 15 years ago when I bought my moped.

After watching some of your videos, I was going to send you a message that the biggest hit was going to be when you got in a car wreck and the camcorder got some “washing machine” footage.  Then I saw today’s meager effort, and it was a foreshadowing. BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!

The conversation 15 years ago:

C: “Trust me, Kevin.  If you ride a motor scooter, you will have an accident.”

K: “No.  I’m going to be really careful.”

C: “I’m telling you: you WILL have an accident.”

K:  “No I won’t.  I’m going to be really really careful.”

C: “Listen to me.  The point is that you are going to have an accident . . . ”

K: “No.”

C: ” . . . and the object is to limit . . . ”

K: “I’m very very careful.”

C: ” . . . how bad it will be.”

K:  “Really.  I’m very very careful.  I’m going to be safe because I’m really careful.”

C:  (PAUSE) “You’ve already had an accident, haven’t you?”

K: “Well, it wasn’t that bad.”

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  1. My brother has an uncanny ability to recall conversations that are decades old. Mostly the funny ones. He still recalls me declining pot by saying “sorry- I’m part of the Nancy-Reagan ‘just say no’ generation.” And I’m not sure I ever said that.

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