Anchor Jodi Applegate Loses It (funny video)


In this video, “Bike Theft Stunt,” field reporter for Fox station loses her cool when guy cuts finger trying to saw a bicycle lock. This is supposed to be Jodi Applegate, but I just spent 15 minutes on Google trying to verify that by coupling her name with bike, bicycle, lock, prank, ruse… nothing.

Wait… this just in. Gawker verified it’s her.

9 Replies to “Anchor Jodi Applegate Loses It (funny video)”

  1. I went to college with Jodi. She must’ve “matured” or may be just burned out on TV news, ’cause she used to have an incredible sense of humor and an acid wit. Perhaps she’s covered one too many mall openings in Dayton.

  2. The guy pretended to have cut his throat, using ketchup for blood, not actually cut his finger. That was why she was pissed. The guy was trying to freak people out.

    The thing they started with was actually funny with them apparently able to steal bikes with impunity. Jodi was NOT hysterical or excessive, she was rightly pissed at the two dweebs.

  3. Um, no, Jodi is a self-righteous b**** whose using her pregnancy as an excuse for her flipping out. What a tw*t.

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