“Lay Me Off” Video is “Laying Low”

One of the great things about online video is that, for the most part, you can make a video go away. Recently I created a video called “Lay Me Off.” It featured me eating crayons, tossing wet kleenex and wearing a robe to meetings. I’m squishing bananas on my boss’s desk, pushing a guy’s tie into a shredder… you get the idea.

Today I got a call from someone who appeared in the “Lay Me Off” video. Seems she never thought it would become so viral. Especially the 600 views on Yahoo. Two concerns: a) some people won’t understand the parody aspect and somehow we’re being irreverent when there are folks getting laid off… maybe incensitive. b) shooting videos in our facilities is against company policiy.

So with those weak arguments, and out of respect to her, I’ve pulled it down.

5 Replies to ““Lay Me Off” Video is “Laying Low””

  1. There was an independent movie I saw, a documentary, which proved logically that corporations are by design pathological. “The Corporation” was the title, I think. Had a picture of a briefcase-toting businessman with a devil’s pointed tail on the cover. Compelling. Proved conclusively (to me, at least) that ALL corporations share the same psychological characteristics of serial killers. Designed to be sociopaths.

    Sociopaths do not like to be videotaped.

  2. I LOVED your video! It reminded me of something I might see on Friday Night Live or Mad T.V. Yes, it was ridiculous and exaggerated, but that was the beauty of it. I found it to be quite humorous. So let’s say somebody is depicted as dying and it is a segment in a comedy film – does that mean the artist is mocking those who are mourining somebody’s death? Of course not! Is there any way you’d consider sending it to me? I enjoyed it so much and wanted to share it with a friend and when she tried to view it, it had mysteriously disappeared. I find that EVERYTHING in life can be viewed from a funny angle, and those who chose to take your video critically have lost their perspective on life!

  3. After a few drinks last night (at my good-bye event) some of the people said they wouldn’t mind putting it back up after the layoffs blow over.

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