Thursday Night TV Losing Its Reign?

I’m baffled why my agencies aren’t thinking like Jason Glickman of Online Video Insider. In Thursday,” Glickman writes:

…Advertisers can aggregate a reach of millions that rivals television. Many online networks even help with the translation between online numbers and GRPs so advertisers can slot the numbers right into their plans. Much of this reach comes during times when people wouldn’t normally be watching TV, given online video’s growing domination of the day-part audience. And broadening the marketing window into daytime hours can be put to profound use.

Many people know that Thursday night is the best for television, but don’t know why. It’s because Thursday night was traditionally the last high-reach opportunity to influence consumers before the weekend… when they’re shopping, attending concerts, and (most of all) deciding what movie to see. Not anymore, observes Glickman. “That title is now held by the Internet on Friday mornings and afternoons.”