Sucks All Of the Humor Out of the Room

All you can ever hope when you make a stupid online video is a reaction. You don’t really care if it’s positive or negative.

And that’s what I got with the Lay Me Off. Yahoo gave me a gift I’ll always treasure. It’s hundreds and hundreds of scathing comments about the video, and I’ve only just begun to pour through them. The video that took about an hour to make has given me hours and hours of bashing to read through. There were very few “middle” votes. Most people hated it, and some loved it.

I’m going to compile my favorite negative comments, but my favorite comment was titled “Sucks All of the Humor Out of the Room” Most people wanted their 3 minutes back, some threatened to change Yahoo from their homepage, and a few thought it was real. A couple took offense to my “80s-like-shirt.”

Here’s the hands-down winner so far:. Apparently there was some question as to whether I was imitating Bush, which never crossed my mind.

This video is horridly unfunny. It’s about as funny as the time I flew off the handlebars of a bike and used my face as the brakes. I had so many bandages wrapped around my upper body I didnt have to wear shirts for 3 months. Heck this video was so stupid I almost ran outside and to play slip and slide on the asphalt – that would have been funnier. And to the idiot Liberals who are making this video about Bush, I want to say thank you. You think the world cares about your message because the echo chamber you guys yell in on the net makes it seem like people agree with you. We don’t. You got owned on the 1st election and cried. Then you got owned again. Still crying? Get used to it. As long as you keep this up, being antiamerican, squirting urine on people at the GOP party, faking documents to try and tarnish GW, we will continue to hold the majority of positions. So seriously, please keep on the Lefty Socialist road you are on. It only benefits me.

5 Replies to “Sucks All Of the Humor Out of the Room”

  1. They’re on to you, Lefty. Let me share an actual review of my blog for some perspective:

    People are used to complain of loneliness and such mourning frequently looks as the word of wisdom that is ignored in the market but revives in the fairy tales and depicts the eternities, the one and only thing that matters ultimately.
    Yet no one of us wants to confess that he long only to be heard by others but not to listen to his neighbor.
    As we see, the possibility to stumble remains even if we hearty confess the truth mentioned the above. Have a look. In case I dare to state, �PEOPLE are used to �� it means I claim to be different from all other people. That is the same self-defeat and the indeed unnecessarily lengthy account of our stumbling on self-pity. The recovery is the desire to hear the answer to our polite �how are you�


  2. Nalts, Can you please put it back up?
    I found it very funny, but i didn’t get a chance to show it to my friends…

    Thank you, Paul

  3. Thanks, Paul. I yanked it for the moment… by popular demand. Seems it got a little more publicity than we thought and some of the fine actors got a little worried about potential backlash.

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