The DailyReel Debuts to Save You the Hunt for Good Videos

tdr_280.jpgA new entrant to the online video space… The Daily Reel bills itself as a “news magazine that covers online video, selects the best content, and offers critical analysis from the industry’s top journalists.”

This one looks for real. Here’s the “about.” Contributors include Matthew Ross (Variety), Anthony Kaufman, (indieWire, Wall Street Journal Online), Marjorie Baumgarten (The Austin Chronicle), and Steve Friess (Newsweek, New York Times and Wired). There are now too many video sites and lots of amateur sites that attempt to identify good stuff (this blog and my CubeBreak included).

DailyReel is making the ambitious attempt to keep the best stuff (from any site) featured. Anyone who has weeded their way through crap on other online video sites will appreciate this.

I’ve been waiting for it to enter its beta since weeks ago they sent an e-mail expressing interest in Blackberry Crackberry as a “TDR Top 10.” They asked for a bunch of details about the “production.” The hardest part was estimating budget for it. Umm… does the diner meal we ate count? Little known fact about the Crackberry video: After we shot that bit where my wife discovers my Blackberry behind the diner menu, my 2-year-old power puked all over the floor. We left in a hurry, and no I did not videotape it.

I don’t get paid by DailyReel, but they’ve maintained the video as a Revver-served one. So they get an affiliate fee if someone clicks the ad, and I split the rest with Revver. I’m just flattered to have a spot next to friggin’ Futurama, Where is Matt, and Ask a Ninja. I’m not worthy.

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3 thoughts on “The DailyReel Debuts to Save You the Hunt for Good Videos”

  1. According to several thousand Yahoo visitors, you can find what you’re looking for by searching NALTS on Revver.

    Actually maybe there’s a niche on that. The most crappy videos of all time. The problem is that you’d have to search through a lot of only mildly crappy “partially digested corn” crap videos to find the real vial-smelling “had too much JD and TexMex” nuggets of crap.

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