The Sweet 16 Online Video Sites

As an update on a recent report about popular online video sites, here are the latest site rankings of online video sites according to Alexa. Not all of the online video sites allow for uploading and sharing, so they’re not all packed with viral videos.

* Refers to those that give you the ability to upload

$ Refers to those that share revenue with video creators

  1. *YouTube: 17
  2. *Google Video: (Doesn’t rank video site alone)
  3. *Yahoo Video: (Doesn’t rank video site alone)
  4. *AOL Video: (Doesn’t rank video site alone)
  5. *Metacafe: 161
  6. 297
  7. eBaumsWorld: 553
  8. iFilm: 859
  9. 969
  10. Grouper: 2,981
  11. $*Revver: 5,799
  12. AtomFilms: 6,328
  13. GoFish: 8,434
  14. $*Blip.TV: 15,611
  15. $*Eefoof: 26,159
  16. JumpCut: 27,821

P.S. ClipShack: 37,750, CubeBreak: 294,151, The DailyReel: (too new)

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  1. Check out Post your videos, sell them, others can resell them. It just launched, so it will not be ranked.

    Yes I work for them.


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