Jon Stewart for the ADHD Online-Video Generation

ZeFrank (ZeFrank show) has become part of my daily ritual. Addicting but the side effects are minimal. And he’s the Jon Stewart for a generation of ADHD video viewers… we want it quick, funny and ad-free.

In today’s edition, he pokes fun at YouTube for its new policy on ownership of content.

4 Replies to “Jon Stewart for the ADHD Online-Video Generation”

  1. True ZeFrank has ads, but his clips run without them. Single ad frame isn’t too intrusive… maybe a few ads surrounding it. I guess I meant you don’t have to endure commercial breaks in the middle of his rapid fire.

    Yeah- I got carried away with the YouTube policy stuff. I’m not even sure why the change was newsworthy. I think it’s understood that when you upload content you allow it to take a life beyond your control.

    The thing to watch for in policy’s is a) exclusive, and b) perpetual.

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