The Most Wonderfully Nauseating Video Ever: Walmart MySpace

ashley-walmart.jpgWalmart is just one step away from making Mentos & Diet Coke explosions in its parking lot to win the hearts of the 20-something crowd (you know, the ones that will be shopping at Walmart around the year 2057).

Thanks to Adriana Cronin-Lukas’ “Furl” for identifying this AdAge story about Walmart’s MySpace account. AdAge refers to it as “a highly sanitized, controlled and rather unhip site.”

Au contrair! We proclaim this “Ashley clip” the most wonderfully nauseating video available on the Internet. Ashley, of course, is not a real girl, but a Walmart fabrication made from a 35-year-old transvestite actor, some polyester and a case of Red Bull. Just keep playing the hair flip over and over. It’s like driving by a car accident. You just can’t NOT look.

One Reply to “The Most Wonderfully Nauseating Video Ever: Walmart MySpace”

  1. “Fashion is like everything to me, shopping is like my number one thing!” says Ashley.

    Skateboarding takes up 75% of Luke’s time and he has NO boundaries! School for him is about meeting people and he doesn’t care what people think of him Oh, he’s SO rad!

    What’s not to love!

    I’m so inspired I’m going to Sam Walton’s right after work to bask in the elevation of the American intellectual landscape!!!

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